Fort Wayne, IN - Just Prior to CPE
Superstar Day July 31- Aug 1 (For authors of 5 or more books)
AWSA Conference:  August 2-4, 2024
Stay for CPE August 4-6
With AWSA Prayer Booth, Book Signings & AWSA-Led Writers Conference

Register for our conference August 2-4.  All full registrations come with Golden Scroll Awards Banquet ticket.  You can add on additional Golden Scroll tickets for friends and family.  Also you can add editor appointments, special book signings, as well as our all new Superstar Intensive Day August 3rd on the registration page.

See more information about our Superstar Day, Hotel and CPE, and AWSA Calendar of Events below.
Workshop Seminars (Partial List)
  • Industry Discussion Panel with Editors,Publishers, and Bestsellers  (We've got to know this stuff!)
  • Advanced Fiction Writing - Kimberley Woodhouse  (Kimberly is a bestselling novelist of over 60 books.  I think she knows what she's talking about.)
  • Writing Children’s Devotions - Crystal Bowman & Michelle Medlock Adams  (this is a hot-selling genre!)
  • Ethical and Dynamite Ways Writers Can Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Kim Clark  (What if you used it for good?)
  • Everything to Know about Book Launches - Tammy Karasek  (Yes, please!!)
  • Online Book Discussion Groups to Grow your Readership - Tracy Glass  (this is a great way to quickly build a following - Tracy's ministry is thriving using this idea.)
  • Develop a HOT YouVersion platform to Grow your Audience- Cherie Strange  (one of our sisters has over 21K people following her content on her new YouVersion platform.  Coujld that happen for you?)
  • Amazing Tips to Increase Your Amazon Ranking - Susan Neal  (She is amazing at this topic!)
  • Heart-Centered Marketing - Peggy Sue Wells  (I love this concept.  Why waste our time marketing in places that drain our energy.  Can't wait to hear Peggy Sue's tips.)
  • News about creating your own courses!  
  • Seeking the Lord in Your Ministry Planning - Debbie Dufek (We all know we need to do this, and Debbie is amazing at showing us how.)
    The Latest in Social Media Updates

  • Edie Melson  (This is exactly what we all want and need.)
  • Writing Best selling Devotionals - Grace Fox   (Grace's devos are flying off the shelves, don't you want to know her secrets?)
  • Screenwriting with an award-winning screenwriter - Rhonda Dragomir  (Rhonda is winning screenwriting awards right and left, if you've dreamed of turning your book into a movie, you need to drop in.)
  • Getting Started in Video - Tina Yeager  (They tell us' video rules,' but how do you get started?)
  • Audiobooks - Linda Goldfarb (Linda is such a pro at audiobooks, and she's got all the secrets.)
  • AVOID Scams Targeting Authors Panel - (Did you know one of our members was scammed for 300K?  Yikes, can you believe we even need this panel?)
  • Speaking and Marketing panels!  (got to have)
  • What I Wish I Knew as an Author that I Learned as an Editor- Michelle Medlock Adams  (Michele is a New York Times best seller and an ediot at a publishing house.
  • See our electronic AWSA Conference brochure: - HERE
  • See Complete Schedule, click HERE.
Other Events
Worship - Babbie Mason
Devotionals- including Robyn Dykstra
Keynote Addresses- Including Dr. Deborah Maxey, Linda Goldfarb, Carol Kent, Dawn Damon
Girl's Night Out- Saturday
Early Bird Dinner- Thursday
Worship with the Retailers
Golden Scroll Awards Banquet

Click Here to see Electronic Conference Brochure
Attend the Golden Scroll Banquet
(included with your ticket)
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Register for Conference Hotel
Hampton Inn- Fort Wayne Indiana

Book your room before July 8th- to get a discounted rate of $162 plus tax. Parking fee of $10/night.
Only available from Wednesday night through Saturday night.
Register for Other Conference Hotel
Hilton- Fort Wayne Indiana

If you are planning to stay Sunday and or Monday night, you might consider getting your hotel through our Marriott Discount link, otherwise you will pay full price starting Sunday night, as the Hampton Inn is out of discounts for Sunday and Monday nights. Note, the Marriott does not offer free breakfast.
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More About CPE
The Christian Product Expo Summer 2024 is a separate expo event introducing Christian products and books to Christian bookstores.  This expo starts Sunday the 4th  through Tuesday the 6th.

AWSA will have a free writers conference led by us, outside the door of the exhibit hall, so anyone can come without an expo pass.

\We will also have an AWSA booth on the expo floor where you can do book signings for booksellers. Email us for info.

AWSA also runs a prayer booth at CPE and needs volunteers to help man it. Reach out to us if you would like to help.

You must register with Munce (not AWSA)  in order to go on the expo floor or attend their banquets Sunday and Monday night. Your expo pass should include lunch. 

AWSA Lead Writing Conference at CPE

We are currently working on scheduling this event and will give times and classes as they are available.
Superstar Sisters

Superstar Day will open the door for you to network and grow with AWSA members who write, publish and market books. What I love about these women is their heart for God and serving Him Our times together are always amazing.

To be a part of this day, you must have written 5 or more books.

You can sign up on the AWSA registration link, or if you are already registered for the Superstar Day, you can use the button below.